Sheer Joy Piano Studio

ADULTS: Is learning to play piano on your bucket list? Did you play as a child, get away from piano, and now yearn to reconnect?

Or did you start piano lessons and quit in despair, quietly assuming that you had no talent?

CHILDREN: Do you want to learn piano in a way that is fun and fast, yet establishes a firm foundation from which you can go anywhere you want?

Whether you go on to become a professional musician or simply retain music as a beloved hobby, I will connect you to your inner creativity so that music will be your friend for life.

No matter what your age, whether beginner or experienced pianist, Simply Music is a revolutionary way of learning that unfolds the music-making process the same way we all learned to speak our native language: Do it first, read it second. (Traditional methods are reading-based; Simply Music is playing-based.) Simply Music's guiding principal is that all human beings are innately musical. In its 15-year history, Simply Music has documented a remarkable track record of student success and retention. Our goal is to make music your lifelong companion.

We will learn classical, blues, pop, improvisation, theory, composition, accompanying, how to play off lead sheets, healthy technic, and how to produce beautiful sound at the piano. (Be sure to scroll down and watch the video of the Steinway grand piano that you will play at lessons!)

a world where everyone plays


With Julia's instruction I found Simply Music very rewarding. I enjoy my lessons immensely. I could sit and practice for hours without realizing how much time has passed!

—Carol P., 80
[Student with prior experience]

I love the lessons. I've learned an incredible amount of music and sounds and I've never taken lessons before. My teacher goes above and beyond to instill the learning and passion of music and piano. She brings positive energy and learning and is very good with communicating. I think she's wonderful.

—Nico M., 26
[Beginning student]

I have been excited to learn piano in this way that does not rely on notation. It has been positive and easy.

—Stephanie C., 50
[Student with prior experience]

Great approach to learning piano technic without reading music as a prerequisite. Helps broaden learning paradigms and creative skills. We have fun in class!

—Gary B., 68
[Student with prior experience]